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Suggested Tools

On this page you will find links to tools I have used for some time and have had good success with (I am not the author nor creator of any of these tools, I link to them here as a convenience).

Links open to new windows.

These tools are needed to view many of the movies and other "rich" media on the web.

Media Players: Windows and Mac

Acrobat Reader Acrobat Reader: Allows you to read PDF (Portable Document Format) documents. These are very common - Mac OS X has its own reader built in that works well.
Flash Player Flash Player: A common format for showing video and interactive web content.

QuickTime: Allows you to be able to play many poplar audio and video formats found on the web. The download link also allows you to download iTunes if you like. My Portfolio page has a video on iTunes.

VLC VLC is an excellent media player that will handle almost all forms of downloaded video and audio files.


Media Players: Mac Only

There are a couple of Mac-only media players I suggest for Mac users. They allow you to view just about any media file you run across on the web, even if not designed to be "Mac-friendly".

Flip4Mac Flip4Mac: Allows for the viewing of most Windows Media Files.