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Suggested Tools

On this page you will find links to tools I have used for some time and have had good success with (I am not the author nor creator of any of these tools, I link to them here as a convenience).

Links open to new windows.

Many Prescott Computer Guy customers use these programs - all are free and have served many people well.

Other Tools: Windows and Mac

Social Fixer Social Fixer: Works with Facebook to allow you to filter, hide, and other wise make your feed more user friendly. Works with most browsers.
Warning: Facebook changes thier code often so it can get outdated.
Adblock Plus Adblock Plus: Blocks banners, pop-ups, and video ads on most websites including Facebook and YouTube. Works with most browsers.
Firefox Chrome: Excellent web browser that can be used instead of Internet Explorer or Safari. Very simple interface and is fast.
LibreOffice LibreOffice: For many people a great and free alternative to Microsoft Office.
Picasa Picasa: If you have a digital camera this is an excellent choice for finding, organizing, editing, and sharing your photos (Windows or Mac, but Macs come with a similar program called iPhoto - also excellent)
Team Viewer TeamViewer: A great tool for remote support and online meetings. Free for non-commerical use.

Other Tools: Windows Only

Classic Shell Classic Shell: Allows Windows 8 and 8.1 users to gain back a Start Menu very much like the one from Windows 7. Easy to install and the default configuration works well - also has a lot of options if you want to play.
CutePDF CutePDF: Allows saving almost any file you can print as a PDF (a file that can be read on almost any computer). (Windows only but Macs have the capability built in).
CutePDF IE Tester: A handy tool to see how web pages look in IE5.5 through IE10. It is not the most stable of programs, but it comes in very handy. For Mac users, or to see how your site works in even more browsers, you can use browsershots.org, though it shows only a static image.
UltraVNC UltraVNC: Another useful tool for allowing people to remotely see and control your computer - with your permission, of course!