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Web Design

First Impressions

http (website address)I have read that on average, a user spends four seconds looking at a website before deciding if it is worth their time. You want your site to load quickly and to be attractive, but also to allow users to quickly find information about your business so they can understand what you offer compared to your competitors. For examples of web design work from the Prescott Computer Guy, see my portfolio.


web browser iconsWeb design is very different from print design - not everyone sees your website the way you do! What type of computer someone has, what web browser they use, what screen size and settings they prefer and more all play a part in how a website will look to any given user. Do they have plugins, Javascript and other technologies enabled? Add to that those users with special needs who use screen readers or other assistive technologies and the possibilities grow endless.

The sites the Prescott Computer Guy designs are built with all of these things and more kept in mind - your website will be accessible to the widest audience possible.

Techniques That Get Results

CSS codeOther considerations are important for good web design. While users will rarely look at the code “behind” your pages, it is still important that the code follow standards and otherwise be well designed. This gives you the best chance of being ranked well by search engines and to be usable by people in many different situations.

It is also important to understand not just what to put into a page but what to leave out. I have the experience and have done the research to know what both search engines and customers are likely to respond to well. I am happy to work with you to combine my skills with your knowledge of who your intended audience is and what message you want to share.